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[Written for the Journal]


From the May 1913 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Across the far hills did you see a light That beckoned you to follow—as you might? And did you stumble forward, caring nought For brambles, could you reach the goal you sought? O weary one, how fruitless seemed the fight! How often were you plunged in depths of night, Until at last a sign to you was given That pierced the gloom and lifted you to heaven! Then nearer, close at hand, the light was seen, And there, you now know, it had ever been; But that your straining gaze had missed the glow Of its soft radiance, shining here below. And now you strive no more, but calmly rest, Assured that all God's children here are blest; For once awake, earth's dreams and shadows flee, Since Love, and Love alone, enfoldeth thee.