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O Lord my God, I cried unto thee, and...

From the March 1961 issue of The Christian Science Journal

"O Lord my God, I cried unto thee, and thou hast healed me" (Ps. 30:2). This was indeed true in my case twenty-four years ago, when I had exhausted all material means, and doctors and medicine had failed to help me. For years I had suffered from chronic constipation, heart trouble, and other diseases. I had been in bed for some time and had earnestly read the Bible. I prayed to God for guidance, for the way seemed dark indeed.

About this time my son went home with a college friend, whose father was a doctor of medicine. My son talked to him about my seemingly hopeless condition; after hearing all that had been done to no avail, he told my son to tell me to try Christian Science. At first I felt that there was no use in doing so, but I did not forget what he said. My own physician now allowed me to be up and around the house for a while each day, although I was no better than I had been when about three months before he had advised me to stay in bed.

I kept thinking of Christian Science, and then it was called to my attention that a lecture on that religion was to be given. I felt impelled to attend this lecture. I went there sick and discouraged. I was impressed with the happy faces I saw and with the law and order expressed. I simply drank in every word of the wonderful message of Truth and Love that I heard. It seemed to be spoken especially for me, and I left the hall with renewed hope and with lighter step.