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Considering the lilies

From the February 1980 issue of The Christian Science Journal

There was a time when perfection meant that all the threaded details of my tiny sphere would neatly fit, in all their woven tightness and minuscule importance, within some large fabricated sense of things, so that my daily garment would appear, and I would be clothed! What vanity! Clothed indeed! Since when did the creator ask for my narrow sphere as pattern for His vastness and possibilities? Those details and those plans were nothing more than busy knots and snarls of self-importance! Oh, unwind! Reweave! Expand into the freedom of knowing that there are no loose threads of isolation too busy or too tight to break for the possibility of expanding into that SEAMLESS GARMENT—the pattern He has fashioned in His wisdom —the pattern that custom-fits each one of us —the pattern snug enough for comfort, loose enough for freedom, and so beautiful that we are, indeed (considering the lilies) gloriously arrayed in His majesty! BARBARA BURROWS.