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When I was a girl, a dear aunt introduced...

From the July 1980 issue of The Christian Science Journal

When I was a girl, a dear aunt introduced me to Christian Science. She invited me to spend part of my summer vacation with her and her daughter, and every morning, right after breakfast, we read part of the Bible Lesson in the Christian Science Quarterly. During my visit I learned quite a few helpful passages from Mrs. Eddy's writings, and I also memorized the twenty-third and ninety-first Psalms. I began to use the truths I was learning. These uplifting ideas taught me to love and trust God, and to overcome fear of every kind.

I enrolled in the Christian Science Sunday School when I returned home. Gradually my brothers also enrolled, and my mother started to attend the local branch Church of Christ, Scientist. Soon afterward, she was healed of migraine headaches, from which she had suffered for many years.

I had been plagued by tonsillitis every winter of my childhood. But through the prayer of a Christian Science practitioner I was healed of this recurring belief. I was happy to be healed by prayer alone and to be free from having to take medication. I was also healed during childhood of a sprained ankle, severe nosebleeds, colds, and influenza.