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Standing up for who you are heals

From the April 2022 issue of The Christian Science Journal

We all have experienced times of poor health, financial worries, or disruptions in our ability to think and act normally, at one time or another. Responding to these challenges with prayer as practiced in Christian Science begins with identifying what is really going on. It’s knowing that God is the all-good creator of man and the universe, expressing goodness throughout His creation. Then, we have a standpoint from which to move forward in our thought and actions: God is, and nothing unlike God is.

The physical senses present an alternative reality about us—a supposed reality of hurt, mistakes, hate, and so on—and so we’re faced with a choice: What will we accept as fact? 

Accepting the reports of the senses with the limitations and incapacities they assert is counterproductive. It’s vitally important to understand the unreality of what those senses report to us, given what we know spiritually about God’s fathering and mothering of us. But it’s also critical that we don’t get involved in any type of “battle” with those reports. Focusing our attention on what is not true never heals. And it keeps us from reveling in what is true, which does heal. 

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