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"To those leaning on the sustaining...

From the October 1942 issue of The Christian Science Journal

"To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings." This statement by Mrs. Eddy in the Preface to Science and Health (p. vii) has been proved true many times during the years that I have known of Christian Science, and I wish to express my gratitude that I have had the privilege of being a student of this Science.

I should like to tell of two healings which I experienced, one through the help of a practitioner and the other through my own work. In the first of these instances I was healed of what I believe doctors would call a very painful case of hemorrhoids. I was in a city where I did not know a single person, and I had reached the state where I could no longer even lie in bed without suffering great pain. My husband, not a student of Christian Science, but not antagonistic to it, told me that I should ask the aid of a practitioner. In looking at the list in The Christian Science Journal I was led to one a few blocks away. Although I was almost paralyzed from the hips down and could scarcely step from the elevator, I managed to reach her office. I was unable to talk to her and burst into tears, but in her calm way she went to work for me immediately. After one hour spent with her in talking of the truth, I was completely and instantaneously healed, and when my husband called to help me back to the hotel, he found me in a normal condition, no longer needing assistance of any kind. When a real healing is accomplished there can never be a reversal or a relapse, and this was a real healing, for it took place about thirteen years ago and I have never again been troubled in this way.

In the second instance I fell down four high stone steps in the dressing room of a swimming pool, striking my thinly clad back on the sharp corners of several of the steps. I was able to arise quickly, but when I went to my car I could not take a sitting position at the driving wheel. Again I was in a strange city, where I did not know anyone. It was necessary for me to ask the lifeguard's sister to drive my car away, since it was obstructing her car. Much fear was expressed by this young girl and her brother, and they urged me to see a physician. I thanked them, knowing that this was an opportunity to prove that Christian Science heals.

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