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In Thy Service

From the July 1949 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Do I pray daily for release from self, Seeking to know no other will than Thine? Do I deny beliefs of fear and lack, Knowing my needs are met in Love divine? Oh, do I listen ere I take a step, Yielding the willful for the wiser way? Ceasing to outline, do I only seek To know not time, but God's unfolding day? When I might walk the world's more tempting path, Have I the courage for the narrow road? Does cold indifference stay the helping hand, Or pride the lifting of a brother's load? Have I the vision, do I know the real? When error falsely claims, then do I see Beyond illusive doubt, and humbly know Myself and fellow man as whole and free? No future, then, with glorious goal afar, But here and now attained hope's gleaming star. If thus obedient, I can truly say, Yea, I am in Thy service, Lord, today.