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Of Good Report

No restrictions on God’s goodness

From the June 2022 issue of The Christian Science Journal

God’s love for His children is limitless; therefore, limitless possibilities are at hand for us to receive His blessings. That might seem hard to fathom during challenging times, but my husband and I had a lovely proof of God’s care and provision despite the restrictions imposed during the pandemic. 

After being snowbirds for many years, several years ago we decided it was time to sell our northern home and live in a warmer climate throughout the year. The housing market was weak, but I had a spiritual intuition to prepare the home as though we would not return when heading south for the winter. 

We were aware of the statistics, that only a very low percentage of buyers come as a result of an open house. Nevertheless, we heeded a quiet directive that came as the result of prayer and decided to hold three open-house events. I’ve turned to God for direction all my life and have learned that prayer is a listening mode, a deep trust that God’s messages can be clearly heard and are practical.