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From the January 1916 issue of The Christian Science Journal

THE influence of Christian Science is being felt in every phase of modern life. Men and women rated high and low, rich and poor, famous and insignificant, are all alike in their ability to receive aid and comfort from its inspired teaching about God and man in His likeness. Can there be any limit to the power and extent of eternal Truth? Can there be any phase of life which it does not touch? Can there be any type of man which it is unable to reach and benefit?

The American college man is no less capable of benefit from Christian Science than any other type of man or woman; indeed, in certain of its aspects this teaching is peculiarly adapted to his problems. There are over two hundred thousand college men in this country, and they form a group with a singular community of interest and of occupation, a fact which makes it particularly easy to speak to them as a body. The problems of one college man are likely to be the problems of another, and when Christian Science has been of benefit to one student it is likely to point to the needs of all. Consequently I feel sure that every student at one time or another feels some of the difficulties to which I refer.

First, of course, it is almost too obvious to mention that Christian Science is of inestimable benefit to any student in performing his work willingly and well. Any Christian Scientist who has ever compared the work done in the light of Christian Science with the work he has done before under the old rules of mortal mind, knows the great debt he owes to Mrs. Eddy in this respect. This is no less true of the college man; he has his daily task to do and he goes about it with a perfect willingness and joy and satisfaction, knowing that God is the source of all ability and of all power of accomplishment. The task is soon done, and well done, and it is God's work when accomplished in this spirit. I know of one man in particular whose work would be miraculous considered in any other light than that of Christian Science.

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